Paraframe has the capability to provide a wide range of options for disaster recovery service and business continuity planning, to fit your business requirements. Whether it’s disaster recovery, secondary site or work site recovery you seek, our facilities have features and conveniences to ensure that your recovery is seamless.
Our disaster recovery service and business continuity planning includes:

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Paraframe provides a range of recovery time and recovery point objectives, including:

  • Recovery Consulting and Planning Services – to minimize the impact of losing your business functions due to a disaster.
  • Disaster Recovery Seat/Workspace – a comfortable work environment can be allocated for your key personnel to continue working during a disaster or disruption so that your business runs as usual.
  • Managing 24×7 DR server hosting service with an affordable cost in the data center of your choice.

Secure Off-Site Tape Storage

Paraframe offers a secure off-site tape storage service:

  • 8×5 access to your off-site data
  • 8×5 pickup of backup tapes
  • Backup tapes are stored in a secure and fire resistant vault

Disaster Recovery Hosting

We offer an environment to help keep your key services available as and when any incident, natural disaster or human induced, threatens to disrupt your business operation. By adopting a holistic approach that consists of highly trained engineers, tried-and-tested processes, policies, and technologies, we make sure that your business stays on track. We will assist you in all aspects of the planning process. You can choose to host in our premise or other Data Center of your choice. We provide an 8×5 secure hosting for your critical data.Your data are replicated online to a data center with professional ongoing support and monitoring. Raising alerts to you when replicating faces problems.Backup Scalability – routine check of backups ensuring your storage and network bandwidth are optimized.

Paraframe Managed Backup

Paraframe offers secure and cost-effective backup and recovery solutions that protect your critical data in a safe environment. Our services ensure secure data protection and fast restoration of your systems, databases and applications.