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Paraframe Systems has developed Palm Oils plantation management and resource planning application system, called Kernel. This system comes with front-end mobile and back-office edition. Like most of industries, plantation faces challenges such as time, manpower, fertilizer/chemical prices, petrol/diesel prices and harvesting. Ultimate goals of the plantation application to assist managing palm oils plantation more efficiently.

As the labor cost increases, managing cost is getting challenging in Malaysia. FMCG or trading businesses are forced to look for ways to be more efficient. One of the ways is to increase automation for sales operation. In other words, providing a web application for consumers to place orders. Empowering consumers to place orders themselves will in turn send the orders directly to backend ERP system for processing. Therefore, no more manual data entry from sales coordinators or salespersons. They would be free and have more time to attend to other issues or find more sales. Stay tuned for this eOrdering System.