AppAssure is now Rapid Recovery!

There’s a new release of AppAssure backup, replication and recovery software – renamed Data Protection | Rapid Recovery, with expanded capabilities. With Rapid Recovery, you can:

  • Ensure zero impact on your users by presenting them with the data they request instantly, during restores, as if the outage never happened
  • Assure system, application and data availability everywhere: physical, virtual and cloud
  • Protect growing virtual environments automatically
  • Connect to all the leading public clouds simply and easily
  • Lower costs – all capabilities included in one solution

Avoid costly downtime waiting for failed machines to recover. To ensure the fastest, most reliable access to your stored data, implement Ultrabac DR Gold’s bare metal restore technology today.

Ultrabac DR Gold provides both dissimilar hardware and virtual recoveries, along with a new Continuous Image Protection (CIP) option. CIP is a block-based form of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that automatically backs up each sector on a disk as it is changed. Unlike standard image backups,CIP never stops. A system can be restored to any point-in-time rather than having to restore a static image that could be hours or even days old.

UltraBac Software’s sole mission is data protection. We’re committed to providing superior, cost effective backup and disaster recovery software coupled with top-notch support.

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